Industrial / Public Works

Industrial and Public Works

We know how to choose and implement the technology you need for your industrial or public work needs. We can program your PLC’s and help you with product selection and layout. Whether it’s interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains or pressure mats; we have the experience and can simplify your implementation.

Safety is the priority for both you and our employees. McWain industries utilizes ISN networld to evaluate contractor’s safety programs. We have an “A” rating and regularly work at one of their sites (Clow foundry) which is an OSHA voluntary protection program (VPP). This means increased OSHA visibility and an active partnership. That being said, we actively live up to the highest safety standards to support such facilities.

Other services we offer include high voltage cable terminations, infrared inspections and repairs, switchgear renovations, transformer testing and the latest LED technology to save you maintenance dollars.

These facilities require a lot of rigid steel conduit. Needless to say, we have some very talented personnel when it comes to installing rigid steel. It’s a great testament to pride in workmanship when you have to scratch your head, wondering how they made it look so nice. We’ve wired hospitals, schools, water treatment plants, libraries and waste treatment facilities. No job is too large or small for us, and we will take care of all your needs efficiently and professionally.

Data room - Dennis Mein - Highland Ridge