Why Should You Choose Solar?

With a variety of renewable energy options available, why should you choose solar energy in Iowa? Whether it’s for your farm, business or home, solar power can put your electric bill back in your pocket. The cost of solar panel installation in Iowa and the midwest continues to go down, and payback is often 5 years or less. Solar energy installation in Iowa is predictable, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

On the Farm

Many farmers look for ways to reinvest in their operations with the ultimate goal to reduce costs and increase production time. With tax reduction benefits and improved technology, farmers are able to reduce energy costs while also increasing the value of their property. Farm Bureau members receive exclusive benefits for solar panel installation in Iowa described here.

Alliant, MidAmerican Energy, and some REC’s and Municipals are good from a financial perspective. With basic information such as who your utility is and the annual kWh used, we can give you the cash flow analysis for you to evaluate the project.

For your Business

Are you looking for ways to cut that giant electric bill down at your business? Look into commercial solar energy installation in Iowa! With the tax reduction benefits out there, now is a great time to take advantage of renewable energy from the sun. By installing modules, you can reduce overhead costs and save your company money for years to come.

At Atwood Electric, we are a family-owned solar energy installation business in Iowa. We value the opportunity to help businesses of any size reduce their costs and improve their profitability. As a company that has been around since 1977, we have the experience and expertise to help keep you running for years to come.

School Systems

For public schools, the issue of saving money is a constant concern. Solar panel installation in Iowa is often a great solution for school systems looking to save costs and reduce their electric bill. There are opportunities to free up money in the general fund so it can be used for teacher salaries instead of electric bills.

Along with financial reasons, the environmental impact of these systems is significant for larger school systems. Sustainability is an important factor to also consider, as the cost of energy continues to go up. While there are other renewable energy options for schools in Iowa, solar energy is often the one of choice, due to ease of installation, affordability and longevity.

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